Why Squash?

Squash has proven to provide safe passage and is a great pathway to college graduation and career success.  More than 60 of the country’s top 100 most elite colleges and universities offer squash programs.  Many have robust scholarship and financial aid programs.

The goal of the Squash curriculum is to empower our students to be fit, healthy and active through the vehicle of squash. Squash is a global sport and its connection to higher education and strong networks makes it a natural partner for our ultimate goal: College Success.

Using squash, academics, mentoring and life skills development, Arizona Squash would support students in finding and graduating from their best-fit post-secondary pursuit. This would start as early as 5th grade and can span a student’s entire adolescence. Our pathway approach would foster a strong community of support and relationships that blossom over a period of years and would yield a 100% college acceptance rate among our students.